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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 05 2007,05:46   

Quote (Kristine @ Sep. 04 2007,17:21)
Happy birthday, you two scoundrels.

I celebrated too, but just cant say how. Then beers. ;)

Ok Ok Kristine! WE GET IT! You is getting frequent hot man sausage. Frankly anything without photos attached is just flirtation.

We want pictures, ANNOTATED pictures, of the act from a series of informative angles. We want a brief biography of the people involved, ideas of their likes and dislikes, and medical certificates. (We have high standards)

I am forced to ask the (on topic) creationist inspired question:

WERE YOU THERE!?!!?one!???//???/?

Unless we see suitable evidence, and suitable is defined a a series of photos or movies from beginning to end covering every intermediate or transitional act, the photos have to be signed by at least 3 public notaries who were present at the time. Time coded CCTV footage and radar tagging (triangulated with the GPS system) are also required. DNA evidence of the scene will also be sought.

Until you supply this I consider your claims undemonstrated and that you are violating this wonderful thread, set up to celebrate the birth of two of our most wonderful posters, with your wanton lies.



P.S. Bill, Alba: I'm trying my best to sort you guys out a present. Nudie pics of Kristine will have to do I'm afraid. (Louis flees laughing)


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