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Doc Bill

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I never got an answer to my question "from what was Sternberg expelled?"

"Watch the movie" is not an answer.  I love spoilers and I will see the movie, anyway.

Poor Sternberg.  One little slip and he's a piranha.  (inside joke)

Only it wasn't his first slip, now, was it?  Surly you did the research, Kevin, and you know that Sternberg had a history of shepherding dubious papers into publication.

Such as this one:


>>> Frank Ferrari 09/08/04 03:29PM >>>
Hi Hans,
Rafa gave me a heads up about the Nature - News. What is troubling is the implication in the article that
the manuscript was peer-reviewed. I doubt that it was, based on my experience with Sternberg and the
infamous Nizinski manuscript, which Sternberg also wanted to publish and also insisted had been
peer-reviewed. Prior to publication, I asked him who reviewed the Nizinski manuscript, but he would not
give me any names. When I insisted that the manuscript be reviewed internationally, the concensus of 4
international reviewers was rejection [sadly, Sternberg published it anyway].

Sternberg knew the Meyer paper would be reviewed as rubbish because it is rubbish.  Sternberg covered his tracks and snuck it through into publication anyway.  Only Sternberg of all the other editors saw the manuscript, there was no Abstract and only Sternberg reviewed the galley proofs.  

Total inside job?  Unethical?  Dishonest?  Crop circles?  You decide.

So, tell me Kevin old bean, from what was Sternberg expelled?  Was he "expelled" for his beliefs which he held and expressed for years with no consequence, or was he castigated for his actions of malfeasance and abuse of his editorial privilege?

Let me guess.  See the movie because it covers all this in great deal, in color, and in stereo.  Can't wait.

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