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Quote (improvius @ Feb. 26 2008,15:28)
Quote (Mr_Christopher @ Feb. 26 2008,16:16)
Ever  heard of the Templeton Foundation?  They are searching for the truth, yet no one bothers them because they, unlike the IDC crowd, are not trying to sneak religion into out public science classes.

And it gets worse.  Guess who had this to say about the "ID" movement:

"From the point of view of rigor and intellectual seriousness, the intelligent design people don't come out very well in our world of scientific review,"

Yeah, they of all organizations should be ID friendly and they're not.  And my point was that science is not trying to silence people who are seeking god in a test tube.  Holy cow man if someone discovered god from a scientific standpoint they'd win ever freakin prize known to man.

I wonder if the Templeton Foundation is in Expelled.  They should have been included.  They're a perfect example of theists seeking an understanding through science.  The biggest difference is they do not have a hidden political agenda and they're not out to discredit science to bolster their argument.

In short, they're not creationists trying to slip religion back in the public science class.

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