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Quote (Kristine @ Feb. 25 2008,11:30)
Quote (Peter Henderson @ Feb. 25 2008,10:51)
Here's an interview with ken Ham on the movie:

Why, oh why?

Why does the son of a prominent economist (himself claiming to be a prominent economist, actor, intellectual, etc.) want to be associated with anti-intellectual low-lives like Ken Ham? Isn’t Ben Stein embarrassed at all?

Why does the son of a professor in evolutionary biology (himself claiming to speak for evolutionary biologists) [Dembski] want to be associated with anti-intellectual low-lives like Michael Behe, Denyse O’Leary, et al? I would be humiliated!

These people grew up with everything I never had, and kicked that in the teeth for the sake of garnering applause from the same type of people I ran away from, and didn’t want to become.

What is it with this trend in our culture, simultaneously championing “plain folks” ignorance and conformity and conventionality, while pretending that same popular ignorance and conformity and anti-intellectual mediocrity is somehow avant-guarde, dangerous, radical, hip, and young?

What’s next, “cutting-edge” quilt blocks and knitted scarves in our nation’s galleries? Orchestras performing muzak and Christmas carols? Sheesh. It’s like our whole nation wants to be my hometown. Ben Stein can have it.

“I’ll tell you why,” said Rev.Barky to me last night [I’m paraphrasing, of course]. “These people couldn’t measure up to the expectations that their parents had for them. So they found some people that they could ‘wow.’ Now they’re famous! That’s why they preach to children, because children are easy to manipulate. That’s why they hang out with uneducated adults for the same reason. They market their mediocrity, because they don’t have the talent or the imagination to do anything really important.”

Good luck with the art world. :)

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