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As for being mystified by "my cause," my main interest in this project is the whole philosophy of science angle. How do we conceptualize science and its implications? How can we know that we know anything? The debate between rationalism and empiricism.

This is delusional.  I mean, might as well call a spade a spade.  Expelled is not about the debate between rationalism and empericism, it's the debate between creationism and science.  But it's not even that, judging it ONLY from its website, blog, and Ben Stein's interviews, Expelled is pure anti-science propaganda and the evil doers are "big science" and the good guys are the persecuted christians.  

From claiming "Darwinism" caused Hitler to claiming evolution cannot explain how the world began, while portraying ID as anything but pseudoscience it's NOTHING but propaganda for the extreemly ignorant and/or politically motivated.

Let's not kid ourselves, Kevin Miller.  You are a religious propagandist.

Oh, and I plan to watch the movie, no doubt.  I just won't pay any money to do so.

editsz:  any truth to the rumor that Ben Stein and Expelled won the Leni Riefenstahl Best Documentary Award?

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