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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Dec. 14 2007,18:37)
are you fekking kidding me?  FIVE masters degrees and TWO PhD's?  That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.  lately.  OK not really.  But Why?  Jesus.

Well, to be fair, there is a pro-evolutionary theory attorney with a science background commenting on blogs and claiming something similar (at least three Bachelors and a few Masters) for himself, too. (This is the one who started a blog about moi.) He's rather belligerent and usually that's his parting shot when someone has displeased him (like me). We're not completely without a**hole snobs on our side. ;)

But yes, my response was like yours - big whoopie, get a life. Okay, so I had my Bohemian existence then settled down for a Masters while he was earning three degrees in three years. Never try to impress a wolf with how many hoops a dog can jump through! :D

But I'm surprised no one has mentioned Ben Stein's knobby knees. Sheesh. Isn't it bad enough, Prince Charles running around in a kilt (although to be fair, his knees distract from the ears), without Stein infantilizing himself? I'd like to see him doing the pogo-dance in a megachurch.

Which came first: the shimmy, or the hip?

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