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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Aug. 22 2007,13:41)
Ben Stein Calls for No Censorship; Volunteers; Has Open Comments

How long will that last?

Remember to copy any pearls you write back here.

Aye aye, cap'in. ;)

First off, someone wrote this comment:  
Why would a designer fuse two choromosomes that appear in a number of species into a single chromosome in another and forget to remove the end-markers, making it look like a fusion of chromosomes instead of a single long one?

God fuzed them that way because His ways are not our ways.

Open your heart and stop resisting the truth. There have been too many people hurt by Darwinising. Its time that kids like me stopped being treated like were idiots for trying to minister in class. Have you read about the Cambrian Explosion? How did that create galaxies so quickly? Why was it perfectly smooth? How could that be by chance? In the beginning, nothing exploded! Give me a break, evolution gave us a hurricane (Katrina) shaped like an aborted fetus just by coincidence? We need the truth!

God bless Ben Stein. I pray that Jesus will sustain him through the ordeal he will go through after the movei is released.

Being "moderated" in three, two, one...

Which came first: the shimmy, or the hip?

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