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Three more sob stories. áIncluding the notorious Forrest Mims - not hired to write a science column for, well, not accepting science.

The second tale of woe is more, um, interesting...
When I began fighting evolutionism as a public school teacher, a powerful former Board of Education member tried to stir up the community against me. She made false claims to a Jewish Professor whose daughter was in my class. She secretly went to my principal in an attempt to get me fired.

Darwinists=Jewish Conspiracy? áBut weren't they Nazis last week?

Sob story #3: Darwinists made me fale skool:
I remember during my high school biology class, being made to answer questions that had no correct answer. Here's how the question would go: What is the age of the earth? A) 110 million years B) 21 million years C) 2.4 billion years D) 65 billion years

So what would I put for my answer? I would circle the answer they wanted and then write in the margin something like: You think it is this answer, but I do not agree with that. The correct answer is not displayed here.

She's right though - the correct answer is not displayed here.

Math is just a language of reality. Its a waste of time to know it. - Robert Byers

There isn't any probability that the letter d is in the word "mathematics"...  The correct answer would be "not even 0" - JoeG

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