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Quote (Mr_Christopher @ Nov. 05 2007,13:58)
I think the last time they added any sob stories was the 30th.

I keep hoping someone will submit some short sob videos we can watch too.

If word got out that someone was soliciting stories of "mistreatment" by the International Science Conspiracy, and offering to put said stories in a movie, every wack-job on the Web would have sent them something this weekend. á

Even among the 16 responses which got through before the Expelled inbox melted down, about a third are from the tinfoil-hat brigade. áThe rest are variants of "Darwinists made me fale english" or "they were so mean to me when I tried to preach the word in biology class."

We're not seeing anything at all from advocates of Dembskian, dont-mention-god ID.

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