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Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 24 2007,11:37)
This fella is an engineer:

I am a 35 year practicing engineer and work with permutations of these laws daily. I?m glad they are there or I couldn?t do my job!!

1. The second law of thermodynamics and the law of entropy preclude creation without a creator.
2. The laws of probability preclude even one simple protein strand from assembling itself (if 1/10^50 is commonly accepted as the level of absolute impossibility, the odds of a single very small protein assembling itself is in the range of 1/10^150), let alone complex proteins or a DNA chain.
3. The law of irreducible complexity precludes gradual evolution of innumerable living constructions.
4. The law of information is absolute proof of intelligent design. These learned men would scoff at anyone claiming the Encyclopedia Britannica (do they still sell those door-to-door or even publish it any longer or is it all on the web now?) spontaneously assembled itself. However they have no problem believing a strand of DNA, a compilation of precise information that makes the Britannica look like a Dr. Seuss book, just decided to come together one day.

Please, please don't 'engineer' anything that the public might use..

From his ramblings, it looks like he is perfectly suited to design bridges like the 35W in MN.

Although I have to admit, at least he didn't bring a banana to his argument...

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