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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Oct. 20 2011,03:21)
Quote (forastero @ Oct. 19 2011,21:36)
An elaborately designed endocrine system purposefully selects ancestral phenotypes in accord to environmental stimuli; which btw is just the opposite of the pseudo-scientific natural mutation selection theory that says miraculous genetic mistakes survive and often replace ancestors if they occur at just the right time and niche

What does ID tell us about how that system came to be?

Let me guess, it was "designed"?

Very informative...

"Designed" appeals much more to Occam's Razor than your pantheism below

Once upon a time in a material world, the citizens worshiped a messiah named SuperPan whom they believed brought random gifts of new life every now and then. SuperPan was the god of chaos who had to constantly battle with orderly gene codes, purposeful endocrine, and intelligent DNA repair man who he conquered with his trusty spontaneous generation. Always in just the right niche and time, SuperPan would be blessed by mighty Mother Natureís hand to constantly renew the land. Unfortunately, this belief made man not give a damn about what he already had and survival of the fittest fads and Orwellian scams. They began to chant their creationism del evolution with its primordial brew, mystical mutations, crystal ball chronologies, ape animism, new-age aliens, and radiomagic wands, that proved  way wackier than even the pantheism of Pan

Moral of the story:  test all things and donít take creation for granted

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