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Let's see:

Sternberg was actually not expelled.  In fact, up until a few months ago he still had the Smithsonian Offices listed as his workplace.  [Note that he was never actually employed by the Smithsonian.  It's amazingly difficult to get fired from a job you don't actually have.]

Who else, that astronomer (what ever his name is) who didn't get a teaching position... the astronomer who hasn't published a peer-reviewed paper in 7 years.  No wonder he didn't get a job.  Even Behe says, 'publish or perish'.

That clown at JPL, who was fired not for his beliefs, but because he insisted on forcing those beliefs on his coworkers after multiples requests to stop.  It's called harassment.

In fact, the only person that I am aware of who has actually been fired over 'the controversy' was a Texas Education Agency employee who was fired for forwarding an invitation to a pro-evolution talk by (IIRC Eugenie Scott... or maybe it was Barbara Forrest).  

So, in the expelled camp, we have a bunch of creationists who are lying and an evolutionist who was fired for promoting reality.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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