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Quote (forastero @ Oct. 20 2011,03:33)
Quote (Ptaylor @ Oct. 20 2011,00:44)
Quote (forastero @ Oct. 20 2011,15:05)
Perhaps you should  watch Expelled

Well, at least now you're on topic, but why on earth do you imagine anyone here would be interested in a trailer for Expelled? You may notice that this threat is currently 118 pages long and has gone on for 4 years - the commenters here are very familiar with the movie. If I can presume to speak for others here I would say the consensus is that it is total dreck (a view shared by the scientifically literate community). Given what you've posted above I cannot see how you're going to change that.

If you think that the thread has lost its salt then maybe you should take it up with the mode take it up a moderator instead. Come to think of it, I guess am accustomed to threads getting pushed pushed from the top of the first page after about a week so. Oh and Kristine was under the impression that my post on mutations had little or nothing to do with the movie "expelled" so I simply cleared that up for her.

I thought the title "Expelled" was chosen because the subject was the not so intelligently designed theory of expulsion? You know, Sternberg, Egnor ...

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