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Mr. Furley, your ignorance of the content of the film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is not particularly unusual, because said film came and went from theatres without leaving much, if any, evidence of its passage. The reason some people want to bid on a commercial failure like Expelled is because of its role as part of the deceitful propaganda machine that is the Intelligent Design movement, said movement itself being a wholly-owned subsidiary of the greater Creationist movement.
The film misrepresents ID-pushers as being the innocent victims of a dogmatically intolerant Darwinist establishment, an establishment which the film falsely portrays as bearing responsibility for the horrors of Nazi Germany. This alone, I think, would adequately account for the somewhat intense reactions the film inspires among some members of the reality-based community, but the offenses of Expelled only start there.
Google is your friend, Mr. Furley. It is, perhaps, worth noting that when I googled for expelled: no intelligence allowed just now, the website Expelled Exposed, which documents in detail the film's myriad layers of deceit and outright lying, came up in the top five results, and the first such result was the Wikipedia page on Expelled, which provides a good deal of information on the film's contents and the various controversies surrounding the film. It is unclear why you neglected to google for expelled: no intelligence allowed yourself, but perhaps you may find the information in those two websites to be of some small interest.
The benefits to be gained from purchasing a piece of shit like Expelled are, in the main, those associated with revealing 'the man behind the curtain'. One proposal which has met with some approval, is that an 'annotated version' of Expelled be created and released, a version which accompanies the film's every lie and misrepresentation with the truth about whatever the film just decieved its audience about.

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