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Wouldn't you love to be a lawyer and have to come up with the following:

That certain feature-length motion picture ("Picture") entitled "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" and all collateral, allied, ancillary, subsidiary and merchandising rights therein and thereto, and all properties and things of value pertaining thereto (as used in this paragraph, the term "Picture" shall mean and include the Picture, all of the aforesaid rights and the rights set forth in subparagraphs (i) through (iii) below), including, without limitation: (i) All rights of every kind and nature (including, without limitation, copyrights) in and to any literary, musical, dramatic or other literary material of any kind or nature upon which, in whole or in part, the Picture is or may be based, or from which it is or may be adapted or inspired or which may be or has been used or included in the Picture, including, without limitation, the Screenplay, the characters and all other scripts, scenarios, screenplays, bibles, stories, treatments, novels, outlines, books, titles, concepts, manuscripts or other properties or materials of any kind or nature, in whatever state of completion and all drafts, versions and variations thereof (all of the foregoing herein collectively referred to as the "Literary Property"); (ii) All physical properties of every kind or nature of or relating to the Picture and all versions thereof, to the extent now or hereafter in existence, including, without limitation, exposed film, developed film, positives, negatives, prints, answer prints, special effects, pre-print materials (including interpositives, negatives, duplicate negatives, internegatives, color reversals, intermediates, lavenders, fine grain master prints and matrices, and all other forms of pre-print elements which may be necessary or useful to produce prints or other copies or additional pre-print elements, whether now known or hereafter devised), soundtracks, recordings, audio and video tapes and discs of all types and gauges, cutouts, trims and any and all other physical properties of every kind and nature relating to the Picture in whatever state of completion, and all duplicates, drafts, versions, variations and copies of each thereof (all of the foregoing herein collectively referred to as the "Physical Property"); (iii) All rights in and to all copyrights and renewals and extensions of copyrights, domestic and foreign, heretofore or hereafter obtained in the Picture or the Literary Property or any part thereof. The sale will be “AS IS, WHERE IS without warranty except for the transfer of title through Trustee.” The Picture may be subject to certain distribution and manufacturing rights held by Vivendi Entertainment. Vivendi Entertainment maintains an inventory of manufactured compact discs and has continued to distribute the Picture for the benefit of the bankruptcy estate of Premise Media Distribution, L.P.


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