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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ June 07 2011,20:08)
I'd like to not make a false start with where to set up funding for a buy attempt. I can see three possibilities offhand.

1. NCSE. This would probably be my first choice, if they say that they are interested.

2. TalkOrigins Foundation. This, like NCSE, has tax-exempt status.

3. PZ Myers. I'm not sure exactly how PZ would handle the incoming funds or where funds would go if the auction doesn't go that way, but PZ does have lots of enthusiastic followers who may contribute. Hopefully, PZ would send people to one of the other choices above if he wasn't going to try for it himself.

Wesley, I sent a message to Glenn via Linkedin with your ideas, and my explanations as to why I think acquiring the ephemera is important.

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