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On his blog, Kevin wrote:
Watch the film for yourself, and you'll discover that at no point does it or Sternberg claim he was fired. Just goes to show that you should probably study the evidence before you draw your conclusions.

I wrote a simple response reminding him that afterwards Sternberg's picture was covered with a great big expelled rubber stamp, and asked him from what Sternberg was expelled.

The dishonest little weasel deleted the comment, after he had said that he was just too gosh darn busy to answer everyone's questions immediately.

I'm just way to busy right now to duke it out with you folks. Don't worry though, a thorough response to all of the so-called "rebuttals" to our film is forthcoming. You may have to wait until the fall to get it, but it will come.

In other words, don't call me, I'll call you, right Kevin?  You'd love to explain how you're really NOT a deceitful fundamentalist propagandist, but you're too busy... doing what exactly?  Defending against copyright lawsuits?  Practicing your Oscar acceptance speech?

I guess he's at least more savvy than the UD people, he selectively grooms the dissent to make it look like he's allowing people to freely question him, but he removes the simple questions that he has no answer for.  It fooled me, that's why I posted.  I was hoping he'd try to dazzle me with bullshit, not just pretend the question had never been asked.

I do know that he's been asked the same question here back when he was playing at being our friendly neighborhood screenwriter, and that he failed to answer it then as well.  That's where I got the question from, it's so much simpler than any details about the way that the movie uses lies by omission to attempt to "technically" speak the truth while misleading the viewers.

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