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Otherwise Known As Kevin writes:

Expelled Exposed is supposed to reveal Expelled to be nothing more than "anti-science propaganda aimed at creating the appearance of controversy where there is none." But all it really does is expose the NCSE as an anti-science, anti-education propaganda mill that is hell bent on stifling discussion and debate at every turn.

Shorter Miller:  Don't disagree with me.  That's suppresive. *whine*

Kev also says Expelled opened in 1050 theaters. So, taking the box-office from "The Numbers", $1,126,000, and doing a Dembski-style Bayesian thing, you get an average of $1072.38 in ticket sales per theater.  Taking $7 as the average ticket price, that gives an average of roughly 153 tickets sold per theater.  If you just divide the box-office, then approx. 160,857 people across the land actually paid to watch the soon-to-be-a-classic film.  Yeah, that sucks.  Clearly, a chilling example of the Darwinist Thought Suppression Directorate at work.

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