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Quote (Richardthughes @ April 17 2008,13:48)
Interweb folks, what would be the effect of us all putting expelled exposed links in our sigs?

I'm not an interwebber but Apollos over at UD has an interesting factoid:  
Blog comments (and typically forum comments as well) instruct Google and other responsible crawlers to ignore comment hyperlinks. (rel=”nofollow”)

It makes a good spam deterrent, and prevents Google bombing from spurious blog and forum commenting.

You need a cluster of “legitimate” sites, committed to the same purpose, for a Google bomb to work properly, AFAIK.

Plausible, and therefore a very rare gem indeed from the tardpits. Of course, the explanation could simply be that apollos is a sock puppet. Oh wait, so is everybody else on UD.

"Humans carry plants and animals all over the globe, thus introducing them to places they could never have reached on their own. That certainly increases biodiversity." - D'OL

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