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Quote (Jkrebs @ April 16 2008,18:44)
Someone just posted on the KCFS Discussion Forum that all the staff at his school (in the Kansas City area) received the following email from the Intelligent Design Network today.

ATTENTION Teachers, Principals, School Officials & Support Staff,

This Friday, April 18th, is FREEDOM FRIDAY!

You will no longer have to live in fear of the Darwinian Thought Police and their power to ruin your career! They are about to be 'publicly exposed' by the new documentary movie, "EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed"!

"EXPELLED," starring Ben Stein, is opening in 1,000 theaters nationwide. Smart students and their parents can't wait to see it! They have all heard the Darwinists' side in the debate over origins. Now they will determine if the Darwinists have acted properly by censoring the scientific data and evidence from students, teachers and parents that opposes Darwinian evolution and points to the reality of God!

Have you ever wondered about the scientific validity of the major proofs of evolution?

Have you ever wondered what the controversy over the teaching of origins science is really about?

Have you wondered why Darwinists will not allow origins science to be taught objectively?

Have you wondered if scientists have found evidence for God?

Have you ever fully understood why you have this fear of mentioning God in the classroom?

If your answer to any of these questions is 'yes', then this earth-shattering documentary will open your eyes to the cover-up of the century!

Students, teachers, and parents will now see and hear the other side of the story as they view "EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed". They will begin to draw new conclusions for themselves about the "thought police" as well as the most important question they will ever try to answer: Where did I come from?

Make plans now to SEE THIS MOVIE. You can be sure that your students will!

Check it out at:

YOU ARE ALSO INVITED TO ATTEND!!~ a Conference in Overland Park, KS, on Saturday, April 19 * * "Darwin, Design, & Democracy VII" * *

At the conference you will meet a professor who is in the movie and was "expelled" for trying to present students with scientific data and evidence that opposed Darwinism. For more details please open the attached flyer, or go to:

Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to become more informed as to why teaching origins science OBJECTIVELY is critical for good [end chopped off.]

Note the line "opposes Darwinian evolution and points to the reality of God!"

It seems like they have abandoned entirely any effort to pretend that they can get by separation of church and state issues.

What a bunch of appalling propaganda.  I do, however, think that the more over-the-top they are (Freedom Friday, Darwinian Thought Police, cover-up of the century) the more obvious it will be to even those somewhat sympathetic that they have overplayed their hand (such as it is.)

Shows two things:

1. They know they can't ever put god into public school and

2. They are attempting to salvage what they can from their organization by attempting one last fleecing of the alopecia suffering rubes. (p.t. barnum style)

Who said that ev'ry wish would be heard and answered
When wished on the morning star
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Look what it's done so far

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