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Quote (ERV @ April 16 2008,14:56)
There is no reason to go to EXPELLED now, at least for me.  I was planning on going to check out the animation, but they removed XVIOVs stuff, so I dont care anymore.

Well, I was talking about seeing "Sarah Marshall." Except - I'm not sure there are enough Nazis in it to satisfy my taste.

Actually, I am curious to see Expelled fairly early in it's run. I'm interested in mingling with the folks who might show up on the first day...hear what they have to say about it. I can't really talk to my fundamentalist brother about these things, so the audience can be a sort of proxy for what he might be thinking. Or maybe his family will see it too, and then we can talk about that.

More likely I'll be at the microscope all day, but who knows.

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