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(Permalink) Posted: April 16 2008,15:10   

Quote (Jim_Wynne @ April 16 2008,12:55)
Quote (J-Dog @ April 16 2008,12:11)
This Just In:

An email addressed to "Friends Of Expelled" begging for help against the Evil Darwinists.

I guess we could all hold a vigil and stay online, hold virtual hands and sing inspirational songs before this blog and Sci-Blog close down permanently on April 19.

Either that or toast marshmallow on the coals of our Last Church Burnings.  Damn it's been so much fun too.

Here's the full text (I just received it too):

All science so far!!1

Gee, I never thought I'd say this, but too bad Jerry Falwell died. Then he could dish up a big heap of praise for this faux shimmy-shamboree, too.

Although, then Ben not-an-ein-Stein most likely would not have asked the Disco Boys if they "got any money from Jerry Falwell," of course, steering clear of the Christian MacLellan Foundation, etc.

Which came first: the shimmy, or the hip?

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