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Another review:

...Courtney Tarter, a master of divinity student from Minneapolis, Minn., said the movie helped her to understand more clearly the arguments made by evolutionists and reminded her of the importance of being able to engage cultural issues biblically.

My initial impression of the movie was sadness, especially when I heard Richard Dawkins talk about the ignorance of those who believe in Intelligent Design and Christianity, Tarter said. It made me realize that the god of this world really has blinded the minds of people to think that God is only for the ignorant. It gave me a greater desire to see people come to Christ and to know the God who created them.

I thought that it was a very engaging movie, which I think will draw people in regardless of their belief on creation. It also made me realize that, as Christians, it is so important for us to know the arguments, to engage with those opposed to us, but most importantly to know and believe our Bibles.

So the message is clearly to thump thine bible harder.

This is a film by tards for tards.

Edited to and:

Just to recap, "the god of this world really has blinded the minds of people to think that God is only for the ignorant" - Then he's going to make them burn forever, because he is after all, Love.

She going to have a masters in divinity. Woo Hoo!

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