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Mathis seems confused as to what animation is going to be shown in the final cut

GW: I have compared the original Harvard footage with the promo DVD version that Myers has posted at Pharyngula, and though Iíve only seen the film once, as I recall, there are very, very substantial differences between the final cut of the animation and the version that appears on the promo DVD. Is that right?

MM: You know, I havenít madeó I believe thatís the case; but I havenít actually watched what Myers has posted. I havenít made my own comparison. I apologize; I should have done that, because I have the DVD version. I have the film on PC, too, so I can do that. My problem has been that Iím running so hard and fast doing twenty-seven other things tható I know that weíve got Executive Producers who have dealt with this specifically, and this is kind of in the periphery of what Iíve been involved in. But Iím glad you brought that up, because I need to make that comparison myself, just for my own. But I know, because Iíve watched both, that certainly there are significant differences and improvements, and I believe that, because of those substantial differences, there isnít any merit to the charge.

I think those promo DVD's are going to be very important to XVIVIO. †Since they were what XVIIO's letter was based on, if the final cut has changed once more, the DVD's will show the cdesign proponentist fossil record as it evolved.  Somewhere there exists a cut with the unaltered XVIVIO animation just waiting to be found.

Premise's retaliatory lawsuit would have to be based on the prerelease DVD not the final cut, since that was the best information XVIVIO had. †Also if they violated copyright on the promo DVD - it's still copyright violation for commercial gain.

The organized fossils ... and their localities also, may be understood by all, even the most illiterate. William Smith, Strata. 1816

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