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Quote (Zachriel @ April 16 2008,09:02)
Proving copyright infringement can be difficult. A court will tend not to enforce the claim without something more than mere resemblance, but typically require a striking similarity. And the plantiffs have to prove that these similarities are due to actual copying rather than a result of the underlying process being independently depicted. Angles and scales of depiction are certainly evidence of this (and derivative works are clearly protected).

But, there may also be a type of watermark. For instance, if particular objects have specific movements (e.g. jiggles) that are identical in both depictions, but are not due to a correlation of the underlying process, then that would be evidence of copying.

I'm sure this is something the original animator would immediately recognize.

Not just the animator.  Ive found at least a dozen such examples, and I didnt make 'Inner Life'.  I just actually pay attention in class, even when profs are blithering about shit that has nothing to do with HIV.

I dont think you all realize how 'artistically rendered' that kinesin bopping along is.  I dont even think old school scientists realize how bad it is-- We read lots of recent papers on kinesin last fall in class.  There is no way under god that EXPELLED 'independently' made that same kinesin, same camera angles, same bopping, in a fraction of the time it took XVIVO (which was using 3 year old data).

I was going to write more about these (ie my actin post), but since EXPELLED is suing XVIVO (Premise Media, mind you, not their so called 'animation studio' which would be most damaged by false allegations of plagiarism-- Premise Media.) Im keeping my mouth shut.  Lets just say that their Google list of 'resources' on kinesin made my classmates and I LOL.

I wonder if thats how Premise people think scientists do research?  Not PubMed-- 'Google'...  Jesus fuck.

Actually, Premise Media doesnt need to file any lawsuit.

All they need to do is show everyone the animation they used at their December 9th preview.  If 'Inner Life' is there, they are fucked.  If the Frankenstein 'Inner Life' is there, they should have all their data to back up their claims.

What was shown December 9, 2007?

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