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Quote (ERV @ April 15 2008,10:42)
Quote (charlie d @ April 15 2008,10:42)
Quote (Assassinator @ April 15 2008,10:36)
Did biologists in general even worked on Expelled?

Not sure what you mean.  Sternberg and Crocker are biologists of course, although I don't know if they had any role in the movie other than being interviewed while looking soulful and aggrieved.  But IIRC Kevin Miller claimed at one point that they had a "team of cell biologists" hard at work on the animations, so there must be at least 2.

He also made that statement before Billy D screamed 'LEEEEEROOOOOY JENKINS!' and admitted they just stole the fucking thing.

Any references to 'cell biologist(s)' were a lie.  OOOH LOOK!  A LYING FUNDIE CHRISTIAN!  Ooooh put that man in a museum-- hes rare, that Kevin.

Piece of shit.

Kent [Hovind], Ken [Ham], Kevin [Miller]…

Kennektion? :p

Kenspiracy? :)

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