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Quote (Glen Davidson @ April 04 2008,16:57)
Stein basically admits that he just wishes to silence scientists like Darwin. †This is a post that I have tried to put onto Talkorigins (hasn't gone through before now, anyway). †I think it really could be some good ammunition against their hypocritical attacks on science:

† † †

More dull, ignorant repetition from the highly prejudiced Stein:


† † †
5. What would you like to say to Darwin?

[Ben Stein]"You are a wealthy man, you married a wealthy woman, why donít you just live quietly out in the countryside and not torture us with your half-baked suppositions, which have caused so much misery?"*snips

Glen Davidson has barf emoticons. I hereby put in a request for them at this site.

That is the end! I have never seen a bigger media whore Flaubert-for-hire, smarmy, dishonest, preening, self-inflated (except probably in critical areas), repulsive windbag fark than Ben Stein. *expels barf*

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