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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ April 04 2008,18:13)
Quote (kevinmillerxi @ April 04 2008,20:06)
i think wesley et al misunderstood my meaning. see my latest comment on the "everyone who disagrees with me is stupid' post on my blog.

So Kevin, why are you guys emailing people and telling them that screenings are moved or cancelled when they're not? Isn't that, like, lying?

For Jesus.  That makes it OK.  Besides it's our fault for being evil and truthful.

Quote (Arden Chatfield @ April 04 2008,18:13)

I mean, as much as you want to keep educated people away from this film, you do realize that you can't keep them away *forever*, right?

Well, at best they've got about 2 weeks of "intellectual freedom" left.  Of course, it doesn't really matter since they've already failed multiple times. They know this, hence the enforcers in night-vision gear stalking the aisles during screenings.  Maybe they can ask Dr. Gaius Baltar to develop a Darwinist detector and have people submit a blood sample along with 12 forms of identification, a letter of recommendation from at least 3 members of the clergy/academia on the DI-approved list of those religious and "scientific" professionals who reject "Darwinism", an affidavit testifying to personal academic suppresion, forensically verified photographic evidence of church attendance, and of course their ticket stub which must actually be for Expelled. That'd probably work.  

Or, they could just decide not to release the film at all. On any medium. Ever.

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