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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ April 04 2008,16:20)
The value of pi is not socially constructed. People with all sorts of "worldviews" agree on pi, just as they agree on the findings of evolutionary biology. How can that happen if the social solipsism of dilettante post-modernists were true?

My favorite version of this is that even the most post of postmodernists rely happily upon gravity. True social constructivists ought to fear that gravity will give out at any moment. If you abide by and coexist with gravity, for whatever reason, you ought to accept at least a modicum of shared reality.

"ALL eight of the "nature" miracles of Jesus could have been accomplished via the electroweak quantum tunneling mechanism. For example, walking on water could be accomplished by directing a neutrino beam created just below Jesus' feet downward." - Frank Tipler, ISCID fellow

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