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Glen Davidson

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(Permalink) Posted: April 04 2008,17:57   

Stein basically admits that he just wishes to silence scientists like Darwin. †This is a post that I have tried to put onto Talkorigins (hasn't gone through before now, anyway). †I think it really could be some good ammunition against their hypocritical attacks on science:


More dull, ignorant repetition from the highly prejudiced Stein:


5. What would you like to say to Darwin?

[Ben Stein]"You are a wealthy man, you married a wealthy woman, why donít you just live quietly out in the countryside and not torture us with your half-baked suppositions, which have caused so much misery?"

I want to emphasize, Darwin was not like the crazed neo-Darwinists of today. Darwin believed in the freedom of inquiry. He encouraged there to be further study and debate. He said that in writing before he died.

Neo-Darwinists ask us to believe in things not seen. Weíre not supposed to have an established religion in America, but we do, and itís called Darwinism.

The guy can't help but contradict himself. †All he wants to happen is for Darwin, and those who accept his theory, to shut up, the complete opposite of their claims to desire freedom and open inquiry

And of course we happen to believe in freedom of inquiry, Stein is just too stupid and dishonest to even consider how this could be the case.

Certainly we don't want them to believe in things not seen (the IDists obviously do), we want people to have the freedom to observe and to follow the evidence. †The evidence of evolution is quite visible and quite easily seen, except for those who just want scientists to shut up, as Ben obviously does.

Glen Davidson


Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of coincidence---ID philosophy

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