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Wesley R. Elsberry

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Entered in a comment thread on IMDB:


A possible scenario: the "Expelled" promotional team did send out email invitations to certain people. In order to fill theaters, but not overfill them, they had a website where those accepting invitations could enter their information and receive a confirmation. This website wasn't protected and did not restrict who could sign up for a screening, nor did the text make any distinction between people who might have received an email and those who instead directly accessed the page. Links to this page existed from a page showing future screenings with "RSVP" as a hyperlink. If this scenario comes close to the actual state of affairs, it explains the promoters and producers talking about people without invitations while many, if not most, attendees have the impression that specific invitations were no part of how one went about getting on the list for entry to a screening.

This sort of setup is not even quite the deprecated "security by obscurity", because the registration page link was publicly accessible. Still, the promoters may have considered their system as one implemented for the use of people that they had actively contacted rather than the public at large, though if that is the case, they were singularly inept at expressing that concept on the pages themselves.

I have signed up for a screening at a city in my state. I did not receive a specific "invitation", but merely followed publicly accessible links on their website to do so. I have received email confirmation that says that no ticket will be required. I have corresponded in email with one of the promoters for the film concerning various issues (now including when the screening might be re-scheduled).

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