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OK, I found this nifty bit from a guy who saw one of the Expelled screenings:


I saw the movie on Tuesday and was given a DVD with over 30 minutes of raw clips. We were told as teachers to show it in class and use it as a debate opportunity for our students to discuss the issue of censorship, and so on. Of course, they want it to go to people who will promote it and get our friends to come out to see the movie. (Yes, it's a vast right wing conspiracy!)

Emphasis mine. Here's the full entry

This dude is one of the faithful as well, so no axe to grind unless it's with atheists and such.  I have to say, I'm not too enthused about them telling teachers to show this in class, and you know which class they want it shown in too.  If it's like a current events or social studies thing, I'm fairly cool with that, but the only time it should be in a science class is to provide an object lesson in pseudo. I'll try to find some corroboration on this.

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