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More hilarity from UD:



12:58 pm

The Expelled buzz is spreading into more mainstream.
Unfortunately Christianity Today’s fact checkers were out to lunch or have swallowed atheistic Darwinism hook line and sinker - equating intelligent design with creationism, and claiming that the Forida Academic Freedom Act mandates creationism. Let alone parroting Myers being expelled after “legitimately signed up for the event” rather than gatecrashing an RSVP private screening.
REEL NEWS, Expelled Expels Darwinist

It made it into MideastYouth Expelling the Intelligent from the ‘Expelled’, though he can’t distinguish ID from creationism, and his article fails basic logic, claiming that 700 skeptical of Darwinism means that they are creationists, and that 99.9999% etc support evolution.


Bitter much? Yes, that atheistic bunch over at Christianity Today. Bastard ass fact-checkers. I hate those guys. BTW, does anyone here know what the fuck DLH is supposed to stand for?  I mean, I could take some guesses, but...

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