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Quote (ERV @ Mar. 26 2008,19:27)
My question is something even a screenwriter should know:

1.  Who made your computer simulations of a 'cell as an automated city'?

Cause the guy listed on the EXPELLED credits as 'computer animator' says he didnt have anything to do with it.

*slaps her hand over her mouth*  Uh oh!  Pahsketti-oh!

Edited to add-- The detective powers of a student that has a test at 8 am tomorrow and is procrastinating studying-- fear them.

Seriously?  The guy had no part in the actual animation in the film. Wow. Just...what the hell? What'll they claim next I wonder: they exposed the Harvard footage to radiation and it evolved?  I really would dearly love to get a hold of the stuff from the film and do a frame by frame comparison to Harvard's.

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