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Doc Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 26 2008,21:15   

Y'all are barking up the wrong tree because Kevin doesn't know squat.  He's just a screenwriter.  Given pap he tries to make it interesting pap.

Does he understand the science?  Clearly, no.

Does he understand the issues?  Clearly, no.

So why pester the poor dolt with a bunch of questions he's clueless to answer?

My first question, eons ago, is still unanswered.  From what was Sternberg expelled?  See the movie was the answer.

Screw that.  I don't need to see the movie because I already know the answer from the public record.  Sternberg was expelled from NOTHING.

Lose his job at the Smithsonian?  Nope, he didn't work for the Smithsonian, how could he lose a job he didn't hold?

Lost his job from the NIH?  Nope, he still works at the NIH?

Fired as editor of the Washington Bio Journal?  Nope, he ended his tenure as editor MONTHS before the infamous paper was published.

Demoted at the Smithsonian?  Again, how?  He didn't work for the Smithsonian.  He was a Research Associate at the Smithsonian sort of like a visitor to a library, if memory serves, but his sponsor DIED!  You need a sponsor to be an RA and his sponsor DIED.  Without a sponsor a researcher is classified a Research Contributor.  Sternberg wasn't demoted, his sponsor died and his title changed.

So, Kevin, please enlighten us all to the secret information about Sternberg that you know and the rest of the world doesn't.

Or, let me guess, hmmmmm, Sternberg wasn't expelled from anything.  That's the correct answer, Kevin, isn't it?

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