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Quote (factician @ Mar. 26 2008,14:37)
From one of the tards at UncommonDuplicity:

Actually, there are links to the rsvp system that come from the Evolution News & Views website.

From Evolution News & Views, click on “Academic Freedom Petition”. From there, click on “Get Expelled”. Click on “Events & Tours” and Click on “RSVP”.

I imagine there are other ways (I found this one accidentally, while reading Evolution News & Views). This showing wasn’t a secret. This showing wasn’t a private party. This had a perfectly legit way to sign up if you were interested.

This tard is right.  It works.

Nah, Factitician.  It unfortunately doesn't.  That's just the Expelled bus tour thing again.  Here's the various RSVP sites:

Bus Tour, navigable to through the standard GetExpelled site:

Next is the one Davey helpfully posted at UD, and which PZ apparently used:

Thirdly, there's this one, which figures in how-I-don't-know, but which just lists the same upcoming stuff as above, only without the completed showings:

It's that third page which refers to them as "Expelled Private Screenings", again despite them being listed on the "non-private" screening page.  And of course, it now has this little treat:


Due to unavoidable changes in the travel plans of the producers of “Expelled”, several of our screenings have been canceled or are being rescheduled to a new date or time. If you'd like to be notified once a new screening in your area is confirmed, please sign-up on one of the waitlists below.

I've run across various comments that the pages have been altered in ways besides the "TBD" on the showing dates and the message above, but haven't been able to find out what the supposed alterations are.

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