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Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 26 2008,13:54)

Sorry Richard  - Here you go: (BTW - your question almost flounced at me just like FTK!)

1.  Kevin, what is your educational background?

2.  Why were you so easily duped by Cornelius Hunter and his book "Sciences Blind Spot?

3.  Please comment on the fact that Cornelius Hunter had trouble distinguishing between a wolf and a thalycine, and tried to use a picture of a thalycine from a coloring book as a teaching tool.

4.  As an ID supporter, please tell us what the actual Theory of ID is. (Telling us what is wrong with TOE does not count.)

5.  Which god is the right god?  Is it Zeus, the Christian God (and which sect for extra credit), Allah or Other?

edited for sp

added in edit - The Corny Hunter Thread.  Coloring Book stuff on Jan 26

Nother edit :  I forgot about Wes taking Hunter to task for "fudging" the differences between wolves and thalycines in a presentation Hunter made...  link is at Wes' site:

Rich:  So maybe ask Kevin :  What is it about Liers at the DI?

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