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Quote (Dr.GH @ Mar. 25 2008,20:44)
Quote (blader @ Mar. 25 2008,10:28)
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Mar. 25 2008,09:05)
It looks like the remaining screenings are being completely reorganized and re-scheduled.

That's too bad. I've been collecting information about Michigan's statute 338 that applies to private security businesses and their employees. As I expected, such companies have to be bonded, and employees are issued identification cards. What I hadn't known was that was a felony for someone to falsely represent themselves as an employee of a private security business if they are not, in fact, an employee of a firm in compliance and bonded.

If Minnesota law is similar, PZ or others could see about getting an investigation into whether Mr. Security Guard at that screening was really a bona fide professional, or just someone in the entourage with a costume.

Michigan law, by the way, really appears to have it in for folks who make up fake shields and badges.

I figured it would come to this.

They are going to have to go underground and into secretive mode with their pre-screening.  They'll hold pre-screenings, but they won't tell anybody where they'll be.

Which is hilarious in so many ways if the entire point of the pre-screening campaign was to generate a buzz and interest for the broader big screen rollout.

There is some reason here to wonder if they really do have a contract to get it distributed or if that too is a bunch of BS

I know Flock of Dodo's tried hard but was never signed up for something like that.  It doesn't sound like expelled is the sort of movie you'd ever see at the Mall 16 unless it is underwritten by big, deep and really stupid pockets.

I don't see how they can flush their "buzz machine" and make an April 18th opening.

I have a director/editor nextdoor, and he tells me that you can mess with schedules all that the budget will allow- before you have contracted/announced your opening.  Theaters must know that the advertising and the product will come together at the same time.  They are going to have dead screens, and dead screens cost lots of money.

That's why I'm not worried about the whole "any publicity is good for Expelled" argument. Their publicity has peaked, and peaked too soon.

As for the film itself, it's so bad because it's vacuous. It's almost not there. Also, did you know this about Sternberg?
In a November, 2005 National Public Radio report on the affair Sternberg stated "I'm not an evangelical, I'm not a fundamentalist, I'm not a young earth creationist, I'm not a theistic evolutionist". Sternberg said McVay "related to me, 'the Smithsonian Institution's reaction to your publishing the Meyer article was far worse than you imagined'." Barbara Bradley Hagerty, NPR's religion reporter, said Sternberg himself believes intelligent design is "fatally flawed."[33]

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