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Oh, I didn't know Bruce Chapman was there! Was he the one wearing a dress? :p
There is a growing fear by the producers that Darwinists may be trying get into the showings to make bootleg copies (for the Web?), possibly in hopes of damaging the commercial value. Others may be crashing because they want to trash it before it even gets reviewed by the media. P.Z. Myers, who was not let into a showing last night in Minnesota, probably falls in the latter category.

Amazingly, the best selling Oxford scientist/author Richard Dawkins also crashed a showing of Expelled in Minnesota last night and he not only was let in, but introduced at the end of the showing.

Um, he was introduced after he stood up and told everyone that he had been interviewed for the film.
Dawkins, understandably is nervous about this film,

Well, Rev. Barky and I had dinner with him tonight. He was grinning over this pile'o'crap. People have been tee-heeing about it all day. :) What people? Oh, you know, the 500-strong atheist conference that happens to have been scheduled in Minneapolis for this weekend, months before some twit scheduled this supposedly top-secret "no ticket required" screening that was open to everyone who clicked that web link.

Yeah, we scheduled this conference just to conspire against this film, too. And I chose to be born on same day as the NY Times article just to turn the knife. Witches can do that. *Sticks pins in Ben Stein doll*

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