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Quote (Badidea @ Mar. 21 2008,00:04)
I do feel that we're still not hitting our stride in rebutting this stuff.  For all the things WE think are big goofs and obvious on their side, very little of that is really making an impression on people outside the scienceblog circle.  They are very tightly controlling their message, and it is a savvy one: hard to rebut as quickly and as clearly as it can be spun.  Free expression and free inquiry is a compelling rallying cry.  The problem is simply that freedom of inquiry does not overrule the unavoidable need to make judgments of scientific merit in academia, and the stalwart refusal of the ID camp to accept, even hypothetically, the possibility that their ideas have no merit, just as countless unsung scientists have seen happen to their ideas, only without a tremendous PR campaign to keep the idea alive regardless.

But see, even that took too long to blather on about...

I'll say. I read two sentences into that paragraph, then decided to skip it. Mark Twain was right, and a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

Therefore, one should probably go shoeless. Mention directly and bluntly that the other guy is lying. You can say that academic freedom is technically an admirable goal and you agree with it, but the Discovery Institute isn't really appealing to academic freedom. It won't catch on, is the problem. I think you should instead say the other guy is lying, you've kicked nobody out and censored no one, and you have a right to your opinion and to freedom of association because this is a free country.

Scientists don't like doing this kind of thing, though. Generally speaking, the art of rhetoric is lost on them, and rolling out buzzwords like "free country" is a kind of horrific crime. They'd rather explain how stuff works and why X or Y is true, which is why they're good as scientists and teachers but kind of crappy at PR.

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