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I forgot to highlight my favorite part about the "Rampant Films" angle: producer Ruloff later told the NYT that Rampant was actually a "subsidiary" of the far more obviously evangelical company Premise Media.

The odd thing here, though is that Premise Media was founded explicitly to create the film that would become Expelled.  It's two original main producers, Craft and Rullof, even speak about how it all came together for that purpose.

So tell me folks: why exactly does a media company that just got founded, explicitly with the idea of creating a specific film (and they even, no joke, basically said "hmmm, we need to find a Jew to star in it!"), and has yet to produce anything else so far, need a subsidiary?  Don't you normally form subsidiary companies when you have, well, like, more than one project or division to juggle?  Or after you've been in business a very long time and need to spin off some operations?

I mean, getting together trademarks and company names and domain registrations costs money.  You don't just invent extra companies for the hell of it without a good reason.

But then, we all know the reason, don't we?

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