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Oh yeah, whilst I remember. Of course the map is not the territory, and you'll find I am certainly not arguing it is. All I am arguing for is using a method of mapmaking that at least looks at the territory once in a while and tries to represent it as it is rather than perhaps as one might desire it to be.

Your map's no good if for the sake of saving your legs you put a flat road where a mountain range is.

I'm reminded of the old Cornish joke: A bloke is out for a nice country walk in Cornwall. As he wends his way o'er hill and dale he encounters a farmer and his wife leaning on their gate and asks them how far it is to St Just. The farmer replies "It's ten miles west of here, just keep goin' drekly that way." and his wife interrupts "Ah Bob, he's walkin', tell him it's five miles".

Get the point? Nice of her, potentially very useful (psychologically) for our walker, but as a representation of the territory: bloody useless, and at worse dangerously false.



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