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Quote ("BWE @ late@the bar")

I did read what Bill wrote and it seems like a reasonable approach to a philosophical question regarding knowledge. I don't know exactly why I need to "Stop importing "conscious" "aware" "human" etc as prefixes for the "unconscious reason-like" process I have been describing (admittedly poorly).", when you take full blame for the misunderstanding. Because you hadn't thought how to phrase what you wrote carefully enough to remove intentionality/awareness implications from it, the idea ended up getting a much richer treatment and you get the chance to have a wry chuckle.

No the reason that you have to stop importing intentionality into your counters of my arguments is because they are not relevant to those arguments. The reason you might have imported them is because I might have poorly communicated them, or at least I can see how the way I have communicated them could cause that misunderstanding. I was being nice. It happens!

I think you mean "the reason that you have to stop importing intentionality into your counters of my arguments is because I want you to. It's irritating and annoying to me. I have a good reason for wanting you to stop but goddammit would you please fucking just stop already? "

:) I'm glad I didn't hurt your feelings.

I was just trying to help out ol' Len with some different words. I think he got annoyed and lost his ability to reason. :)

After the discussion on the previous few pages, I think the epistemological issue is resolved. I didn't mean to imply that I wasn't satisfied. Actually, I just savored a ham sandwich and 3 little bitty orange-like fruits and I'm even more satisfied if that's possible.

My little pokey stick was a pokin' away but I'm safe on the other side of the bars here. Every once in a while I like to pop my grizzled head up and point out the difference between a description and an experience. I think that's one of the problems with Skeptic's claim actually. His Faith appears to come from information he recieved somewhere along the line. He then confused his thinking about that information with his recieving it at some point long ago and put his learned map right over his real landscape. He looks at the map and claims knowledge about the landscape. Ok, the accuracy of that knowledge depends on the accuracy of the map but the knowledge (whether true or false) didn't come from some outside source, it came from his map. The map's accuracy can be falsified in most places because it makes specific claims and right there! Bingo! A rift between science and religion.

What seriously annoys me is I have to repeatedly keep putting out fires of irrelevance like "you claim science can tell us everything" which I've never claimed (nor would), and "you just define faith as something stupid" which I don't, and "it's all because you're biased" which I'm not, and "it's all because of your worldview" which I don't possess. Granted I am far from the most perfect communicator of ideas but I've been sufficiently clear that at least most of the people who've read what I've written have understood it!

I didn't say you defined faith as something stupid. I said silly. Jeeze. I don't think I said you were biased although I should probably take this opportunity to do so. I should add, since that might be annoying, that you show a remarkable willingness to confront your biases and try to recognize them. Point being, that is part of learning how not to fool yourself.

That's why I get very annoyed when people import tangetial crap AFTER they've been told that the crap they are importing is tangential or irrelevant. Misunderstandings are fine, I make them all the time, persisting in those misunderstandings after they have been tirelessly corrected isn't.
:) It was an honest mistake. I'll probably do it again. But if it helps, I recommend some of the whiskey's they make in the north country over there. That always helps me anyway.

{Louis faints}

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