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ANybody that can still post needs to ask about atmospheric concentrations of C-14 and the "lines of evidence" that show it was less then it is now.

You mean like the multiple independent C14 cal curves I posted and explained to Sal in my very first message there?

The ones that clearly show the historical C14/C12 ratio was actually slightly higher in the past 20,000 years than it is now?

The ones that mean without a correction factor, items dated with C14 are really slightly older than the uncorrected C14 measured date?

The ones that Sal hand waved away by claiming "circular reasoning", then summarily deleted?

BTW, all that data is still available in the YC recycle bin under "Tiggy's remains".  I'd be tickled pink in someone would repost it.

"CO2 can't re-emit any trapped heat unless all the molecules point the right way"
"All the evidence supports Creation baraminology"
"I'm a female retired marine biologist"

Whizz-dumb from Joe "Sharon" Gallien, world's dumbest female impersonator YEC.

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