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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 03 2007,10:22   

Yeah! This Sal editting other people's posts thing is disgusting.

Wes and Steve would never stoop to editting other people's posts because we here at AtBC are not afraid of dissent or discussion. Also because we know we have the facts on our side!


Edited by stevestory  and Wesley R. Elsberry on Aug. 03 2007, 16:24

No it fecking well wasn't. WRE

Yes it fecking well was. SQS

Will the pair of you knock it off? All this editting of posts and reality by supplying overwhelming and uncontrovertable evidence is interfering with my young earth creationism.

This post is purely intended as mockery of Salvador "I love lying, me" Cordova's Iraqi Information Minister-like tendancies when it comes to editting other people's posts. I categorically state, for the record, that neither Wesley R. Elsberry, nor Steve Story have ever editted any other poster's posts to the best of my knowledge. Except this one. Which of course they didn't edit. I should also point out that neither of them is a member of the Evil Atheist Conspiracy. a) Because it doesn't exist and b) because at least 50% of them are not an atheist. Why does my head hurt? I should always remember never to try to duplicate UD style tard on a full stomach.


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