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Sal is a self-fluffer...                      
Sal: I delight to consider myself [Dr. Cheesman's] partner
Sal: I'm going to call this dilation SCC Dilation (Setterfield-Cheesman-Cordova)

Sal has been talking about Setterfield for over three and a half years, at least:  Sal @ ARN  But, how serious is he about following the science with YEC implications?  Just last week, he admitted:                    
Actually until you pointed out the Andromeda and Magellan formations I was not aware of binaries that far away.

From his C14 radiometric dating thread:                  
In 2004 some of my personal research augmented that of Loma Linda/GRI

Either that is more self-fluffing, or Sal must have been pretty knowledgeable about radiometric dating.  From the ARN post linked above:          
All you show are 'proofs by contradiction', but surely a young Earth would have many traces left of its short history? One example would be short-lived radioactive isotopes. Where are they?

fG, I do respect your opinion here, you are clearly more knowledgeble in these areas.  I present the argument with caution, I could be wrong (and fall back to OEC), but for the sake of defending the YEC thesis, I will try to entertain your objection to the best of my ability.
Can you point me to a link to spool me up on radiometric dating? Your question deserves to be answered. I will do my best to honor your question. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, however, there may be some possibilities to radioactive decay related to the speed of light being variable (strange as that may sound).

What a fluffer!  The argument he cautiously presents is that "there may be some possibilities to radioactive decay related to the speed of light being variable" and to ask for a link where he can read up on radiometric dating.  How telling that his personal research ignorant googling can augment YEC research.  Sal puts the "fun" in fundie.

Given that we are all descended from Adam and Eve...genetic defects as a result of intra-family marriage would not begin to crop up until after the first few dozen generations. - Dr. Hugh Ross

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