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FSTDT notices Sal's handiwork over on r/creation.

"Question: What convinced you that evolution is false?"

The first doubts were as I described here.

I then realized dead things don't come to life by themselves, so life needed a miracle to start. And if there was a miracle there was a Miracle Maker. If the origin of life was by a miracle, then it became possible to consider the origin of species (actually major taxonomic divisions) was a result of a miracle. Michael Denton's book Evolution a Theory in Crisis (it's a pain to read) pretty much destroyed most reason to believe in evolution.

The more I studied biology and science, and the more I studied real scientific disciplines like physics, I realized evolutionary biology is a sham science. Privately, many chemists and physicists (whom I consider real scientists) look at evolutionary biologists with disdain. Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne himself admitted: In Science's pecking order, evolutionary biology lurks somewhere near the bottom, far closer to [the pseudo science of] phrenology than to physics.

Then I look at the behavior of defenders of evolution. Many of them hate Christians and act unethically and ruin people's lives like Ota Benga and personal friends like professor of biology Caroline Crocker and persecute Christian students. They tried to deliberately create deformed babies in order to just prove evolution. They tried to get me expelled from graduate school when I was studying physics, merely because I was a Christian creationists. It was none of their business, but they felt they had the right to ruin my life merely because I believed in Jesus as Lord and Creator.

I then realized many evolutionists (not the Christian evolutionists) are Satanically inspired because of their psycho evil hatred. So I realized even more, they are not of God, and therefore not on the side of truth. They promote "The Lie" because the father of Darwinism is the Father of Lies. Darwin himself referred to certain Christian doctrines as "damndable".

Sal goes on to link articles from ICR about evolutionists desiring to "create deformed babies to prove evolution" and something about the "human/mice chimeras he's cited in his junk DNA research" with a touch of the obligitory Sanford ...

In fact a pioneer genetic engineer, John Sanford, rejects evolutionary theory. So being able to genetically engineer something shows intelligent design is possible, it doesn't prove evolution.

And with a final flourish ...

What good has evolutionary theory brought to the human condition? So if Darwinism is true, it appears to be worthless and damaging, and if it is false, it is worthless and damaging and false.

I've not known one single person who became a better person because he came to believe he was the product of random processes and was descended from a monkey. NOT ONE!

However, I do know of people who cleaned up their lives and became better husbands and fathers and human beings when they realized through real science they were created in the image of God to be moral creatures.

An example:

So I judge and ideaology by the fruit it bears, and Darwinsim has only born evil, nothing good on balance. Darwinism is an ideology, it isn't science.

The particular thread quickly "devolves" into the standard issue apologetics of evolution being the impetus of the Holocaust and Communism, naturally.

Slime is as slime does.

ETA: linky missing from the FSTDT post

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"My brain is one of the very few independent thinking brains that you've ever met. And that's a thing of wonder to you and since you don't understand it you criticize it."

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