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Quote (Cubist @ Aug. 08 2014,06:58)
Just dropped in on Slimy Sal's Drive-Thru Creationist "University". The most recent comment on its forum, in the "Any topic under the sun" board, is dated 5 August. Its title is "Why won't you respond to my monologue Sal?", and its author's nym is "Mung the Psycho Stalker". Reading it and looking at its two links, it sure looks like Slimy Sal has been up to his usual unilateral-editing-to-make-critics-look-bad tricks.

The second most recent comment is one of Slimy Sal's own, in the "Creation science" board, and it's dated 26 July.

Yessiree-Bob, that there Creation/Evolution University surely is one happenin' joint…

University of 'wooden spoon' would be a grander title. Sal as usual over reaches.
What faculties would he have?
Obfuscators delighted?
Dembski's detractors debunked?
Me and my friend a lesson in binary stereo reductionism.
Why you must accept orders of magnitude on the age of teh Earth is dependent on Wednesday rather than on fact.

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