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Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 22 2014,04:52)
Quote (Cubist @ Mar. 21 2014,17:34)
Sal's old URL is not for sale!

It is, however, currently being used by someone whose primary interest seems to be hooking up [$nationality] women with Western men. Using the Internet Archive to  explore the history of Sal's URL, it looks like Sal abandoned it sometime between 8 Feb 2011 and 1 Oct 2011. The Internet Archive has saved 27 versions of, 20 of them before Sal's mid-2011 abandonment of said URL; perhaps it might be interesting to do a detailed analysis of those 20 versions, with particular emphasis on which bits Sal decided to delete without comment.

He is a shit stain. Would Jesus approve?

Of course! As far as Sal is concerned HE IS Jesus! Here babe take my manly excuse but please explain what's in it for me?

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