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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Feb. 29 2008,08:51)
ohhhhh, an expelled member of the lab, eh?

that's working from the inside out, huh.

how big was that broom closet, anyway?

I wasn't expelled. I was willing to stand up for Marks and his right to push evolutionary informatics and notions like active information. But when the names "Dodgen" and "Sewell" turned up next to mine, I was appalled. And I excused myself politely. Bob Marks is a decent guy, as best I can tell.

About thirty years ago, I was expelled from, and subsequently readmitted to, a Baptist college. My sin was to agitate for equality of women and men in education. My salvation was the many students and faculty members who spoke out on my behalf. Last year, I felt it was my turn to speak out for someone. I interacted behind the scenes, obviously to no avail, with regents and the executive vice president and provost of Baylor.

Fun facts to know and tell: I exchanged notes with a regent on the 51st anniversary of my birth in Waco. The site of my first home is now part of the Baylor campus.

Another important aspect of the story is that when I signed on with the EvoInfo Lab, I thought I had some solid "free lunch" results for optimization forthcoming. Bob Marks agreed up front not to censor my work, so my plan was to post at his site a research paper contradicting much of what he and Dembski have to say.

As things stand, I do have some "free lunch" results, but I consider them somewhat trivial. I'm giving that line of research a rest at the moment, and will return to it after revisiting some work in evolution of time series predictors.

All in all, the experience with the EvoInfo lab was embarrassing for me. But I feel I did what was right for me to do.

I never give them hell. I just tell the truth about them, and they think it's hell. Harry S Truman

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